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REQUIREMENTS FOR articles and abstracts Rong " MEDICAL ADVICE " publisher " REMEDIUM "

In the beginning of the article indicate name, author's name , degree, title , affiliation , city. For example : " I. I. Ivanov , MD , professor , academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences , PP Petrov , PhD , associate professor of Academy of Postgraduate Education , State Medical University , Moscow, St. Petersburg. Allergic rhinitis . " Be sure to specify the keywords and a summary of the article. For abstracts additionally, the supervisor and head of the department . The article should be written in the form of advisory lectures on treatment for the practicing physician.

The volume of articles - 18 000 characters ( 7 pages font Times, size 12 with 1.5 line spacing on a sheet of A4 size paper ) . Margins: top and bottom - 2.5 cm , left - 3.5 cm , right - 1.5 cm length of the abstract - 2 000 characters (1 page font Times, size 12 with 1.5 line spacing on a sheet form is the A 4 ) . The paper must be attached to information about the author (s ) surname , first name , degree , rank, title , affiliation ( institution of the division) , as well as the business address with zip code , phone number. All designations are given in SI units . Trade name of the drug is indicated with a capital letter , the active substance - with a lowercase ( "small" ) letters . The attached list of references should contain no more than 25 names . Figures, tables and diagrams illustrating the material of the paper should be numbered , each figure is given signature , and (if necessary) and explained all digital lettering . Infrequent and highly technical terms found in the article should have explanations . Dosage, and the name must be carefully checked. The material can be sent by e- mail attachments to the address before or hundred twist to the editor in electronic form ( with a copy of the printed form). Editorial Board confirms the possibility of publication of this article only after consulting with the material. All materials supplied to the editor, reviewed and edited if necessary, and run down. The resulting edited the original article is not refundable. The direction of the editors work previously published or submitted for publication in other publications is not allowed. The opinions of the owls can not give pas with the opinion of the authors . With graduate students, young researchers and applicants pay for the publication will be charged.

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