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Full package of marketing services.

Real information - largest provider of information, consulting and marketing services in the pharmaceutical market.
Medicine based experience - a unique combination of knowledge in the sphere of medicine and pharmacy with practical experience in marketing research.
Business development - long-term cooperation with all pharmaceutical market participants, from pharmacies to leading manufacturers.
Client-oriented - individual approach and custom-tailored principles of strategic cooperation with the clients.

Main areas of activity:

- Statistical data bases and informational products;
- Market performance analysis and market trends evaluation on various levels.

Information and analytical projects:

"RETAIL AUDIT OF DRUGS" - regularly provided data on structure and volumes of retail sales of drugs in Russia and CIS;

"HOSPITAL AUDIT OF DRUGS" - regularly provided data on drug consumption in hospitals;

"IMPORT-EXPORT" - information on structure and volumes of custom import and export of drugs and substances.

The reliability of data is confirmed by quality audit performed independently by Deloitte&Touche.
Client-specific marketing research and consulting. Finding market niches, assistance in product launch, efficiency analysis of business activity and promotional activity.

Assortment of advanced marketing instruments:

  • focus groups;
  • in-depth interviews;
  • POS monitoring;
  • telephone interviews;
  • diary research;
  • personal interviews.

Recruitment of medical representatives.
Professional support - product launch, maintaining and strengthening product position in the market, participation in advertising campaigns.
Target groups data bases.

See also monthly AIPM-RMBC Bulletin - an in-depth analysis of the Russian and CIS pharmaceutical markets available to the Russian and foreign companies operating or willing, able or ready to operate on the pharmaceutical markets of the region.

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