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an independent specialized informational and analytical periodical for professionals in the field of development, production and sales of medicines and medical products.

The core idea of the journal is to satisfy the reader's need in information of various nature in the sphere of study, analysis and forecasting of pharmaceutical market performance and medical equipment market development. The issues of business practice, management, legal, financial and macroeconomic aspects, healthcare administration matters are taken into deep consideration in the journal.

Remedium is one of the most influential and reputable journals in Russia and CIS. It is published monthly since 1998.

Recommended by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles.

Unlike numerous medical newspapers and journals mainly aimed at highlighting concrete sections of medical science or news and current events, Remedium focuses its attention on analyzing the state of the healthcare system and distribution of drugs, threats and prospects for Russian and CIS business development. Each edition evokes a certain response on the part of the readers, what proves the fact that the journal arouses great interest, it has favorable prospects and enjoys a considerable popularity among its audience.

The periodical is notable for its peculiar individual design and high-quality printing. Opinion-leaders, famous medical scientists, healthcare officials, leading researchers, experts and analysts in the field of drug distribution are among the authors of the journal. Each publication contains an exclusive statistical data on pharmaceutical market performance submitted by RMBC company - an analytical diagram including figures and facts; description of pharmaceutical market and medical equipment market development strategy; regional markets performance analysis.

Thoroughly prepared independent drug sales surveys for a separate pharmaceutical group are to be found nowhere else in modern mass media.

Remedium offers you an efficient PR instrument for shaping the image of your product or your company. 80% of the clients are our regular partners.


  • VIP - "Valuable, Interesting, Profitable" - most important news, briefs on significant events.
  • Business rhythms - events in the sphere.
  • Main headline - problems, events and trends relevant for the development of the pharmaceutical segment.
  • Business trends and monitoring - exclusive marketing research results, drug consumption analysis, other analytical materials.
  • Applied marketing - methods of pharmaceutical market research and drug promotion.
  • Healthcare management - problems of management and regulation, new organization techniques, interesting experience, relevant issues of healthcare and drug support.
  • Industry - the state of national drug production and medical equipment production.
  • Indicators - statistical reports on pharmaceutical market performance, drug production indicators, import and export of drugs.

Our Audience

  • Healthcare and drug support specialists - 12%
  • Drug purchase managers, marketing managers, pharmacies' heads - 4%
  • Manufacturers - 37%
  • Distributors - 30%
  • Representatives of foreign producer companies, investment and consulting firms, employees of international medical associations, analytical laboratories, research institutes - 10%
  • Chief medical officers, department heads of medical facilities, practitioners, doctors of medicine - 7%

Readership survey showed that averagely 5 people read each copy of the journal issue, that is, the average issue audience is over 50 000 people.


  • Subscription around Russia, CIS, foreign countries.
  • All the specialized exhibitions, seminars, conferences, etc.
  • Total of over 80 000 pharmaceutical market participants.

Printing - glossy, in full colour. Format - А4, volume - 96 pages, circulation - 10 000 copies.

Geographic range

  • Central region (including Moscow and Moscow region) - 60%
  • North-Western region (including St.-Petersburg) - 6,2%
  • Far Eastern region - 2,5%
  • Sibirsky region - 8,1%
  • Uralsky region - 3,8%
  • Southern region - 3,1%
  • СIS - 9,2%

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