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What advertising services are offered on the Remedium.Ru portal?
The Remedium.Ru portal offers the following advertising services:
Designing and positioning of ad banners
Granting a status of an informational sponsor
Creating and publishing advertising materials (press-releases, news, presentations, and etc.)
Advertising of up-coming events Including an advertising module into mailing lists of the Remedium.Ru and Drugreg.Ru sites
Conducting the portal audience polls
What banner ad standards are applied on the Remedium.Ru portal?
By a banner ad we understand the allocation on the portal sites’ fixes spaces of graphic or text files (banners) of a fixed size attracting users by a symbolic or direct image of a product, service or other offers of an advertiser, hyperlinked to the URL of the advertiser.
Both static and dynamic banners are placed on the portal pages.
The following banner standards are used on our portal:
•  Graphic banner size: 100%х90 pixels (not less than 680х90 px);
•  Graphic banner size: 560х90 pixels;
•  Graphic banner size: 200х200 pixels;
•  Graphic banner size: 150х150 pixels.
As an exceptional case, the use of an individual banner format is possible at the customer’s option.
What does the status of a “section’s informational sponsor mean”?
Both companies and particular trade names, i.e. names of drugs, may act as sponsors of the section. Under the terms of provisioning service package, corporate style elements, links to the sponsor’s information page, price-list, and other information and analytical materials are incorporated into the section’s design under an arrangement with an advertiser.
The information page provides detailed textual and graphic information about the company, its products and services.
In addition, a sponsor is entitled to publish free official press-releases and company’s news on the pages of the Remedium.Ru portal.
Sponsor status allows an advertiser to receive additional discounts for the design and placement of ads in other sections of the portal.
Section sponsor takes an active part in the formation of the section’s content, submitting regularly a fixed amount of information.
What is a sponsor information page?
You can appreciate sponsor information pages on the Remedium.Ru portal for yourself.
Is an advertiser entitled to use other, non standard, advertising forms on the Remedium.Ru portal?
Yes. We are open to considering any propositions for ad positioning.
What companies are the portal’s advertisers by now?
The advertisers of the portal Remedium.Ru are: major drug distributing companies operating in Russia – CIA International, Shreya Corporation, Farmtek Distributor; leading local and foreign manufacturing companies - Gedeon Richter, Lek, Berlin-Chemie, KRKA, Akrikhin, GalenoPharm, Moscow pharmaceutical factory; companies providing IT services for the market – Pharma-Net.
If you would like more information on advertising please contact us:
Tel.: + 7 (495) 780 - 3425
Fax: + 7 (495) 780 - 3426

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