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Contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) Saneca Pharma has announced the appointment of its new CEO, Richard Král.
The Russian government plans to start investigation of the activities of some leading domestic and global drugmakers operating in the local market, due to their activities for the prevention of introducing a system of drug labeling in the country.
The Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) has announced its plans to submit a proposal to the national government to speed up state registration of innovative drugs and to create a centralized mechanism for their purchase in the country.
Active component, one of the largest producers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in Russia, plans to increase its production by three times through the investing 2 billion roubles ($34 million) in the building a new facility, that will be located in the city of Pushkino of the St Petersburg region.
Germany’s Bayer  has started legal proceedings in Russia, filling a lawsuit against a local drugmaker Nativa, which registered a generic of Bayer’s anticancer drug prior to the expiration of the patent for the original drug.
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