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A special state fund, the reserves of which will be used for the purchase of the most expensive and rare drugs, will soon be established in Russia, according to a recent initiative put forward by the members of the Russian Council of Federation, the upper house of the Russian Parliament.
The new drug will be produced by Infectex,a portfolio company of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund (MBVF) and one of Russia’s leading biotech companies. Russian registration for the drug has been started, and it is planned that the new substance will go on sale in 2018.
Russia and Nicaragua have completed the establishment of a joint venture for the production of vaccines, according to press-service of the Russian federal government.
Global drugmakers operating in Russia will be obliged to transfer information on the price of their drugs to a single information system operated by the Russian Federal Tax Service, as part of the new state strategy for drugs’ labeling in the Russian pharmaceutical market.
Swiss pharma giant Roche (ROG: SIX) may face significant losses in Russia, due to a recent decision of the government to invest funds in the development of a new drug that could be considered as an analogue to Tamiflu (oseltamivir), one of Russia’s best-selling drugs for the treatment of flu.
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